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Kudos1 Stats

H.B.’s Security Round-up 8-14-19.

First up, HIGH intrusion attempt (Fake Tech Support 374) blocked by N360 from:

greatsoftdeals.website.  Full malicious extension: greatsoftdeals.website/2bT1426/0096dGGbC/247HsKKjg/.  Norton Safe Web STILL has this UNTESTED:


In addition to the attack from “Greatsoftdeals”, malicious IP also picked up in the logs:, still untested in Safe Web:


Also, a slew of what Google determined malicious:

In particular, with “gladius” above, even clicking the link in the e-mail, Google immediately prompted, as you can see.  That is the first time i’ve seen Google take pre-emptive action like that. 

Another trending attack that i am happening upon is: "Fake Internet Explorer History JavaScript Injection" (BLOCKED by N360 by the way)  This seems new to me.  Has anyone else encountered it in their travels?