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This forum thread needs a solution.
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H.B.'s Security Write-up 4-19-19.


More than likely, virused links:

For Youquanmei, not a lot of security intel….  Fortinet revealed spam, however.  Symantec may want to perform further investigation of the aforementioned…  Please note the curious placement of the word ‘calendar’ throughout all three [3] links.  So, by association, i’m gonna say youquanmei is compromised as well (even though there was not a google search result revealing as such). 

Also, this loveliness:

getkisslips.ml advertising to click for Amazon gift card, Apple iPad Air 2 etc.  Way too good to be true….  No matter which “gift” you choose, it is the same questionable link:

As always, if we could get either COPS or RD Leo to look into some of this, because, as of right now, Safe Web seems to be in the dark....

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter,



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Re: H.B.'s Security Write-up 4-19-19.

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Re: H.B.'s Security Write-up 4-19-19.

Hello H B

I will try contacting Cops about these. Lately, they have been  wanting sites verified first before evaluating the sites. We will have to wait until Sunday night after midnight EDT to see if  they  will check out these sites.

Have a Happy Holiday.

Have a Good Night and


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Re: H.B.'s Security Write-up 4-19-19.

Thanks guys! ;-)