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here some tips for Newbie and other fourm ueser that read this

i have noted a lot of times when some one  reports  some  in  and  mainey   Newbie  hafe of the time there all ways puting things in the worng place  on the fourms

if you have some in too report about your NIS or NAV  it dos not go in too the norton 360 fourm it gos in too the NIS/NAV   fourm

got some in  about  NIS/NAV 2012 ??

it gos here


if you are reporting a bug  about norton 360 it dos not go in the NIS/NAV  we have a fourm for that has well  it gos here in the norton 360 fourm


got some in other then norton 360 or NIS/NAV well  we got a fourm for that has well this  th forum is called other   have a bug too report  about  Norton Ghost 10 too 15 or even  Norton Utilies 10 too 15 all so if  you have comcast norton 360 it gos here has well  not in the norton 360 fourm  or any thing else that dos  NOT have too do with  norton 360 and NIS 2012 and NAV 2012 it gos here  in other fourm


are you a mac ueser?  we got a fourm for that too   i have noted some time you post thing that have too do with mac in too the NIS and NAV fourm  nop that dos not go there it gos here in the norton for mac fourms


am hoping some of you Newbies will read  this fourm  it will all so help the mode and admins out   has they have other things too do and done have time too be moveing  fourms a round too the right place  be come you guys all way  put them in the worng  place  so i hop this post will  help cut back some of that 

plzs note that your fourms will get move by one of the mods or admins  here on the fourms if you post your fourm in the worng  place



Re: here some tips for Newbie and other fourm ueser that read this

likey no one will read this

i wish this can get posted in norton 360 and NIS/NAV fourms its a little giud line on where to put things

this fourm is doing little too no good seting here

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