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Hijacked !

I want to get info to
Norton and to alert you to what happened to me recently.  I contacted Norton  support about an issue with Norton antivirus not operating in Windows 10.  A chat was set up and during it the tech decided the issue was beyond his scope.  Suddenly I was referred to "Simon" , a "senior" tech who took the Norton reps place.  The upshot of this was that with my permission, believing he was with Norton, allowed him to control my computer using "Log Me In".  While he did manage to get the Norton product to work.  He told me that I had to pay for either a one time fix ($179), a one year contract with unlimited support ($299.99) or a four year contract ($599.99) before doing the repair.  Again, believing this was Norton, I signed up for one year. 

Shortly after this scenario was completed one of the apps on my phone commented on this company's legitimacy via their phone number.  I saw that several others who had interacted with  this outfit ("Computer tech support" and several other names) had been through eactly what I experienced, getting money  extracted.

The issue here is that somehow, the Norton site was infiltrated and hijacked using Chat as a means of getting into computers and doing god knows what to them.  Norton customers heed this warning.  Norton should be aware of this incident, but I know of no way other than this forum to initiate the process of getting Norton to take protective measures.   

By the way, I had Windows 7 and upgraded to Windows 10.  I have had nothing but problems since.  I now have a machine that does not function with respect to reading files at all.

I sure hope somebody from Norton reads this......



Re: Hijacked !

hi Art33

There are numerous "Support Companies" claiming to be not only Norton Support but Microsoft and many others. Most users obtain the details from a Google Search the nature being that adverts not official sites are listed first so that Google and the like can make even more money. Norton do spend money and buy up names to try to stop this from happening but it would need an endless pit of cash to stop completely what has happened to you and many others.

The ONLY safe way to contact Official Norton Support is through the Norton website a link is posted below:

Norton Support

You may wish to keep the link as one of your browser favourites.

Some users have had some success in stopping the payment with their Bank/Card issuer.

Perhaps the users in the forum can help you with your computer difficulties if so, please give details when other users will be pleased to assist where possible.



Re: Hijacked !

Please see the following Symantec article:

How to get Official Norton Support and avoid software support scams


Re: Hijacked !

I asm sorry to hear that I hope this has not happen to anyone as well and paid them for the 4 years. I hate it when it happens and the rep is making you believe that they are from the company that you are talking to. That has happened to me but with a different company. 


Re: Hijacked !


Also, please be aware that there are many companies calling  up saying that they are from Microsoft and that your computer is showing up that it has malware which they can remove. We have received calls like this a few times now, sometimes asking for me by my real name and sometimes asking for my husband by his name. Once we hear what they want, we just hang up. Symantec/Norton will never do what is called cold calling with tales like this. They will only call you back if you request a call back, for this reason, I believe, some just don't call  back even if you want them to.


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