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Hot Issues and Fixes for Norton

Since the release of Norton, some issues have been discovered that our engineering team is working to resolve. Below is a list of the Hot Issues that have been found for the latest Norton release. Below that are a list of issues that were occurring with Norton Norton, but have since been resolved. These Hot Fixes are available by simply running LiveUpdate.

If you have comments or questions on the below items, you may wish to add them to the relevant threads that are linked at the end of each issue.



  • Norton Security Toolbar 2017.11.1.21 says ‘This extension may have been corrupted’ message on Google Chrome Thread Fixed in Norton Security Toolbar version 2017.11.123
  • User Interface: Norton main UI displays "Coming Soon" message Thread - Fixed in
  • User Interface: Norton Insight icons appear blurry - Thread - Fixed in
  • No space b/w text "Norton" and performance number in non-english versions - Thread - Fixed in
  • Norton Toolbar login list flickers when scrolling in Internet Explorer - Thread - Fixed in
  • Diagnostic Report' - Network connectivity check shows incorrect status - thread - Fixed in
Tony Weiss | Norton Forums Global Community Manager | Symantec Corporation