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Last update: 18-February, 2016 - added Blue Screen error involving BHDrvx64.sys

Below are the hot issues and fixes for Norton products version 22.5.

HOT FIXES - included in Norton

  1. Fixed an issue where ‘Norton Anti-Spam Welcome screen keeps popping up when user logs in as Non-Admin’ - Forum Link 123
  2. Fixed an issue where ‘Identity Safe User Interface opens in the Background’ when launched - Forum Link
  3. Fixed an issue where ‘Customers are unable to shutdown Windows XP computers after updating to 22.5’ - Forum Link
  4. Fixed an issue where ‘Windows 10 Diagnostic Report displays false message & clicking FIX NOW under Operating System section does not launch Windows update User Interface - Forum Link
  5. Fixed an issue where ‘Customers are unable to login to Identity Safe Vault and faces a Loop-Back situation’ - Forum Link 123456
  6. Fixed an issue where “Auto-Protect is Greyed Out after 22.5 update’ - Forum link 1234
  7. Fixed an issue where non Admin users were not able to run a backup through the main ui – Forum link 1
  8. Fixed an issue where 'Norton & Windows Action Centre were conflicting with each other after update - Forum Link

HOT ISSUES - these issues continue to exist, and our engineering team is working to resolve them in a future update

1) Blue Screen error involving BHDrvx64.sys Forum Link

2) Windows Action Center displays a message "Your security subscription needs an update. There's a new version of Norton available". When clicked, the Norton product is uninstalled, and an older Norton product is installed. Forum Link

3) Certain applications such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Acrobat Reader, Outlook, MS Word etc, don't work with Norton installed. Forum Link

4) Error 8920,208 - LiveUpdate Web Protection Definitions and Hub fail to update Forum Link
Rebooting the system resolves the error for a short while. This issue is currently in work.

5) Remediation Task wakes the computer from sleep mode at regular intervals. Forum Link 1, 2

6) For Comcast Norton Security Suite issues, please visit our Top Solutions and FAQs for Comcast Norton Security Suite

Tony Weiss | Norton Forums Global Community Manager | Symantec Corporation
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This post has been updated to reflect the Hot Fixes added to NIS/NAV/N360 release.

Tony Weiss | Norton Forums Global Community Manager | Symantec Corporation

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