Norton 11.1 (102) found Hotbar.exe on our Mac running OS 10.

It does not appear that Mac's are vulnerable to hotbar.exe, however after deleting it from the quarantine an re-running a scan, it showed up again.

I thought maybe it was finding it in the trash, but I do not see it there.

Any worries here?





Re: Hotbar.exe

You should be able to find the location of the infected file within the Activity Log ("View Recent activities" in the NAV application).  The path is under "Details".  Is it possible you restored the file from Quarantine, instead of deleting it?

According to the write-up (link below), this is adware that should not affect a Mac.



Re: Hotbar.exe

Thanks for the reply Lee. I'm just getting used to drilling down for that sort of info on this machine....not easily found!

I'm pretty confident that I did not restore it, so I'm not sure what's going on with it re-appearing.

Even if the Mac is not vulnerable, is there a risk that this machine becomes a "carrier", so to speak, and could pass it on unknowingly to WIndows machines via email etc.?

Thanks again.


Re: Hotbar.exe

I apologize for missing your response (I thought I was setup to receive email when replies were made, but it may not be working).

You are correct, it might be possible to pass this along to a Windows machine.  Were you able to find anything about the location from the NAV activity log?

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