How to allow Messenger Kids on iPad

I've just purchased Norton 360 including the parental control however I can't work out how to allow my son to use Messenger Kids on his iPad. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Currently we are all so frustrated I'm ready to delete the app and cancel my subscription as it doesn't appear to allow pretty much anything at all and as a parent I can't control this!


Accepted Solution

Re: How to allow Messenger Kids on iPad

Hi @Deenie,

Thank you for reaching out to the Norton Family Forum.

We could see that you have disabled "Social Networking" Category in Child's Web protection settings. As Messenger Kids application comes under this category, you would not be able to access this application.
Could you please enable "Social Networking" category on the Norton Family Portal, Open Norton Family Companion application once and then try accessing Messenger Kids again?

Please keep in mind that enabling "Social Networking" category will allow the child to access all social networking sites(like Instagram, Twitter etc) and applications in the child's device.

Please let us know in case of any more queries.


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