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How to block web sites with Norton 360?

Can Norton 360 block specific (nuisance) web sites and, if so, how is this done?


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Re: How to block web sites with Norton 360?

Hi Vernon P Conner:

You can create custom traffic rules for your Norton Smart Firewall to block traffic for specific domains and/or IP addresses, but it might be better to edit your Windows Hosts file and block the sites there.  That way, the block will remain in place if you ever uninstall (or reinstall) Norton 360.   See the How-To Geeks article How to Use Your Computer’s Hosts File to Block Tons of Malware, Porn, and Other Types of Websites for instructions.

If you prefer to create a custom traffic rule for your Norton Smart Firewall:

  1. Go to Settings | Firewall | Traffic Rule and click the Add button to start the Add Rule wizard.
  2. Select Block: Do not allow connections that match this rule and click Next.
  3. Select the type of connection [Choose the default Connections to and from other computers unless your only want to block outbound traffic (from your computer) or inbound traffic (to your computer)] and click Next.
  4. Select Only the computers and sites listed below and click Add (see below).
  5. Enter the domain(s) or IP address(es) of the site you want to block and click OK.

See these Norton support articles for further details:
     Add Traffic Rules and Program Rules
     Use the Add Rule Wizard

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