how to buy upgrade for Norton cloud backup

I am trying to buy upgrade for my Norton cloud backup, but every time when the backup runs and moves files then fails as cloud backup is full at 25GB and it gives me buttons saying upgrade or change sets. when I click on upgrade it just keeps starting the move files again

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Re: how to buy upgrade for Norton cloud backup

Your subscription comes with an allotment of secure cloud storage space. When your Norton product performs a cloud backup, it calculates the amount of space that it needs for the backup. If your cloud storage does not contain sufficient space for the backup, your Norton product notifies you and provides you an option to buy more space.

You do not have to wait until your Norton product tells you that you need more cloud storage space. You can purchase additional space at any time.

Provision to buy additional online storage is not available for the Norton 360 plans. For the Norton 360 plans, you must upgrade to the next higher plan. For more details, contact Member Services and Support. 

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