This forum thread needs a solution.

How can I afford the Norton protection I need

Dear Norton and subscribers I have something important to share, and would like Norton and the Community's response.

English is my second language, so bear with me. 

I live in Denmark, where all common household items have had a price increase of 25% to 75%, but our income has increased less than 3.4% at the same time a 100 of our currency in 2021 is worth 107,70 in 2022, the 2023 numbers are not in yet. I really want to have so many of Norton's software, I may not mention them by name here, but I can say the collective price for the 5 products I feel is needed, comes in at more than 2000 of our currency a year, I feel that is a lot of money to pay in one month, so I need to make a Norton saving account in the bank, because 2000 less in a month is just too much.

What i suggest and hope Norton will implement is a monthly payment on all products as well as a yearly payment, but by making all Norton products have a monthly payment, my 2000 suddenly is 167 a month, that I can manage even if it goes up to 179 a month, to compensate Norton for providing this service, IF they make a bonus deal that reward loyalty and the amount of Norton Software you choose to pay for.

If Norton choose to not do what i mention above, I have to go hunting for other brands. This is not a threat, it's an reaction to the price increase on common household items, and Norton failing to implement this by themself, software developers earn a lot of money I don't. 2 things to end with 1. my family need to eat and 2. Norton do not see their customers in eyeheight and recognize that not everyone has the same amount of money per month to live on, and react to that. I have outlined how Norton can solve this problem, without the big change in earnings, but with a big positive impact with their consumers, now they just have to actually implement it, for the good of all both Norton and their consumers.