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How can I BLOCK Specific Web Searches

I have a child with an eating disorder. We were told by her doctors to block everything having to do with anorexia, vomiting, fasting, etc.

These subjects/themes are not blocked by default by Norton Family. I was told by a Customer Service person that it was possible to block these subjects by doing a custom search (on all search engines) and copying this search result (example: fasting - Search ( but it simply does not work. NF will block Bing, Google, etc...ALL searches, rendering the Internet unusuable for anyone.

How can I achieve what I need??? If this is not possible, I believe I just wasted my money and time.



Re: How can I BLOCK Specific Web Searches

HI DOugMclaren,

We currently monitor the searches performed on various search engines but we do not block the search results based on the keywords. 
Thank you for your suggestion. We will pass it on to Product Management.

Norton Family Team.

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