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how can I stop my son from turning Norton family off

Hello, I have installed Norton family on my son's laptop.   But he seems to be able to turn it off very easily.  How can I stop him doing this please.  There are two accounts on the computer, mine and his, and I installed it on mine which is password protected.  It's a windows laptop.  Windows 8.  thanks for your guidance.



Re: how can I stop my son from turning Norton family off

Hi kathrynh,

Please check to see if the child has administration rights for his Windows account, a user with Admin rights is able to do pretty much anything to a PC/laptop.  To avoid and limit the possibility to tamper/disable the system, we recommend to give non-administrative rights (limited or restricted) to your child’s user account and keep the password for your Norton Online Family account away from the child.



Thanks Katie

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