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How can I stop the NortonLifelock "You Need a Key" sort of window from appearing constantly?

I have Norton 360 on my Windows 10 desktop and Malwarebytes on my Windows 10 laptop.  I think I used to also have Norton 360 on my laptop, not sure.  I don't think I have NortonLifelock on either computer, but for all I know Norton 360 has changed names yet again...Norton Security...Norton 360....I can't keep up.  Anyway -- Somehow recently, on my laptop, I got some sort of Norton message in my face and in my typical haste to remove it from view, maybe I clicked Yes, sure, whatever.  The next thing I knew, I was getting a NortonLifelock message saying I needed a key, either to enter it, I suppose or to activate it, I don't know.  Is any of this ringing a bell to someone?  My goal is:  How do I stop the NortonLifelock "You need a key" sort of message from periodically appearing?  This has been happening for weeks now.  I called Norton, who, mysteriously to me, answered their phone as "NortonLifelock," and they simply kept repeating my question to make sure they got it right, and I gave up.