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How to completely clean install NIS?

NIS 2013 - I occassionally get a runaway CCSVCHST.EXE which brings my PC to its knees.  I am thinking of perhaps doing a clean install of NIS 2013 and seeing if that fixes it.  If not, then perhaps going back to NIS 2012.

I am running on a relatively new system build of WIN7 Pro 32b.  So, I don't have much history to go on here.



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Re: How to completely clean install NIS?

Hi Mark_Kratzer

Check your ram is working correctly and is delivering full specification.

The paragraph below mentions Norton this refers to different product programmes so from NAV to NIS or to 360 if the Norton product was NIS 2012 then installing NIS 2013 by just installing it is ok unless the previous version was causing problems.  The below paragraph also concerns old versions of Norton so a few versions earlier of a Norton product.

Have you or have you ever had any other security software including any trial security software on the computer including Norton? 

To uninstall any security software use the windows add/remove programme then restart the computer, then run the removal tool for the specific version of the security software that is available from the security software’s main site, then restart the computer.  This process should be done for each security software to be uninstalled, meaning one at a time.

If you have run the removal tool for Norton then, reinstall Norton restart the computer, run live updates as many times as it takes to get, no more live updates, restarting after every update.

You might like to backup the personal data and you’ll need to backup or export in both formats your identity safe and any other users identity safe if it is used, before doing the above.

Norton removal tool.




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Re: How to completely clean install NIS?

Hi Mark-Kratzer,

First thing I have to ask you is are you using a Local Vault or an Online Vault with your NIS?  Bear in mind, a clean install of NIS 2013 will wipe out your Local Vault in some cases.

Next have you Exported your ID Safe Data in both CSV and DAT formats?  You will need to do this (especially if you decide to go back to NIS 2012 (Version 19.XX)).  xporting this data ia always a good idea whenever doing any uninstall/reinstall.

You said NIS 2013 - can I assume it is version

Here are the steps for a clean install of NIS 2013 (version 20.XX)

If you use Identity Safe for your Logins, please Export the data so it can be Imported after you install a fresh copy of NIS if the need arises.

Plese remove the copy of NIS you have installed, using the Control Panel uninstall via Programs & Features.

Download and run the Norton Remvoal Tool and reboot after it is completed. The NRT can be found here: https://www-secure.symantec.com/norton-support/jsp/help-solutions.jsp?docid=20080710133834EN&product=home&pvid=f-home&version=1&lg=english&ct=us

Download and install a fresh copy of NIS 2013 from here:

Once installation is complete, open NIS and manually Run LiveUpdate as many times as necessary for it to respond "no more updates found". If a reboot is requested, reboot and then continue to Run LiveUpdate until it responds "no more updates found" and then reboot one last time.

Once totally updated, don't forget to Import your ID Safe data, if it is not available.

Please keep us posted on how this goes.

If you decide to revert to NIS 2012 (v 19.XX) let us know and we'll supply instructions for that.


Re: How to completely clean install NIS?

Thank you for the responses.

NIS 2013 was the only security product installed on a WIN7 Pro SP1 32b system built about 3 weeks ago.  I've been running NIS 2012 on four XP Pro SP3 32b systems and have been pretty happy with it.  But as I migrate them to WIN7 via dual boot, I thought I would go with NIS 2013.

I ran NRT twice, and then, I installed NIS 2012.  After many Live Updates/Reboots, the system seems running much better.  A lot more stable and reliable.  Aside from the obvious CCSVCHST.EXE going rogue other things also seemed to be improved like booting/startup reliability.

Maybe I will just stay with NIS 2012 until next year and wait until NIS 2014 has been vetted.

Thanks again.

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