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How do I block TikTok from computer & android?

I am trying to block Tiktok from my life. How do I make sure I can block it totally, given the fact that it uses multiple domain names URLs etc? I'm just this side of a luddite and really tech-stupid. Please help!



Re: How do I block TikTok from computer & android?

If you have the app installed make sure you uninstall completely.

Aside from that if you see a TikTok video embedded with a Twitter or Facebook post or anywhere else for that matter do not play it or open it.

It really is a matter of common sense to avoid it if that is what you choose. Just like avoiding certain websites,  not downloading unkown files or pdfs and not clicking on suspicious links. You are the first line of defense.

That said you might try switching the region of the VPN to a country that has banned TikTok if there are any you can find.

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