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How do I cancel the Anti-track subscription?

I previously cancelled my Norton AntiTrack trial subscription and did not want a renewal.  Yesterday I got an E-mail that my AntiTrack was renewed and my credit card charged.  I do not want this!  How to I get rid of this unwanted subscription??

[Edit: Calrified the subcription]



Re: How do I cancel the Anti-track subscription?

as I recall.  Norton Anti-Track trial required payment method.

Please contact Member Services and Support regarding refund:  

Please see your Norton account to manage licenses / subscriptions.

Please check your Norton account to confirm ... Automatic Renewal Off ... and no billing information. 
MY SUBSCRIPTIONS reports:  Activate Subscription Renewal ... with Automatic Renewal Off.  

BILLING INFORMATION reports:  There is no billing profile saved in your account ... with no billing information.

Stop your Norton subscription from automatically renewing

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