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How do I find what current Def set I have?

NIS 2010 (good to say that )

With NAV2008, when I would run a scan, I could see in the logs what def set was used. How do I find the def set used when current scans run?  Also, where do I find def sets in my C drive? I use to be able to see that in AppData


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Re: How do I find what current Def set I have?

Hi Calls,

Did you run Live Update until there were no more updates? You should be at version, check Help & Support > About.

I will reiterate that you really should upgrade to NIS 2011 as has been stated before.

However the defintions will be in the following location:

C:\ProgramData\Application Data\Norton\

After this will be a bunch of HEX numbers and then NIS_xx.xx.xx.xx and underneath that will be a directory called Definitions. There are several categories such as VirusDefs and AntispamDefs to name a couple.

When you do scans it will always use the definitions you see here. You will see sub-directories here named things like: 20100916.002 which will tell you the year/month/date and an incremental number afterwards.

These names will always reflect the latest definitions which were downloaded via Live update. Any pulse updates downloaded in between live updates will also be used.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes.


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Re: How do I find what current Def set I have?

Thanks Allen

So when the scan completes, it doesn't denote what Def update set was used?

Like with NAV2008, after a scan that detected tracking cookies, the log would shouw what def set was used

(example  20100917.03)

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Re: How do I find what current Def set I have?

Things that were relevant in 2008 no longer are.  Since you are getting frequent pulse updates, and resulting quickscans, as well as regular liveupdates, it isn't necessary to advise what scan used what set of defs. 

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