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How do I get backup to run without buying more storage or reducing backup content?

I've used Norton for a few years and it's always done backups just fine. 4 months ago I renewed but am now being pestered to purchase more backup storage - How do I make this stop without reducing the scope of what I backup?

I haven't increased the content on my device dramatically, it's still mainy music, pics and docs (that I dont want to put on dropbox or work sharepoint).

Don't want to waste more hours on chat with norton agents going over and over basic stuff only to be told I have to delete what I backup (you may guess I've already been down that unsatisfactory route), I would like the backup process to automatically delete old backups and reuse the space.

Ideas appreciated.



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Re: How do I get backup to run without buying more storage or reducing backup content?

Hi @joannalloyd99,

Thank you for writing to us, you are our valued customer and I will help you through the problem you are facing.

The "buy more storage"  toaster alert pops up only when your  Cloud storage is reaching the total allotted storage, We do not delete users old or new files without their consent, we leave it to the users to decide. You can check your Cloud storage space current status in

Norton->Backup->Bcakupsets-> where tab.

You can also change your backup destination to local drives which will be available below "Online" Destination in Norton->Backup->Bcakupsets-> where tab.



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