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how do I get notice when Norton Security ....

How do I get notice when Norton Internet Security can work with Mac  lion so I can upgrade my computer to OS 10.7 and then buy the new  Norton Internet Security 5  upgrade too? 



Re: how do I get notice when Norton Security ....

Norton Internet Security 5 for Mac is designed for (and only can be installed on) OS X Lion.

You can upgrade your OS now, then purchase the NIS 5 upgrade and install it, today.  It's not necessary to uninstall NIS 4 before installing NIS 5.

Enjoy the new OS and NIS 5! :)

(If you're asking to be notified when NIS 4 will be compatible with OS X Lion, it's not officially supported on OS X Lion, and I don't believe it ever will be updated to fully support OS X Lion.  Customers using OS X Lion should upgrade to the latest version of NIS or NAV.)

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