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This forum thread needs a solution.

How do I identify a machine

Previously, in years gone by, when you had multiple Norton subscriptions (I have 2) with multiple seats (I have 5) you could move and assign keys to machines as they come and go, and each subscription was tied to a machine either via hostname, or serial or something like that.

Today, when I manage my devices, it just says '<my name> - <OS>' which is not particularly helpful when you have 2 win10 machines (yuck) and 3 win7 machines.

And as an added bonus, today it now says I have 6 seats.  so I really *really* wanna tie key usage to specific machines.  I tried the whole chat thingy, but that was rubbish.  They had no idea what I am talking about.

Anyone have a solution other than 'migrate to Ubuntu'?




Re: How do I identify a machine

Hi quaddriver:

See the 02-May-2017 suggestion in DavidCoffield's thread My Services (correct) My Devices (wrong) for matching machines to device names and matching subscriptions (product keys) to each device.  That thread is a few month's old and Symantec has been tweaking the Norton Account interface since then (e.g., My Services is now called My Subscriptions) but there are a few other hints in that thread that might also help.  Ensure that Settings | Administrative Settings | Remote Management is enabled on each machine before starting.

There are all sorts of ongoing problems with the My Devices section of the Norton Account, and a few of us have been venting in Harry Conover's thread MANAGE NORTON WENT FROM BAD TO WORTHLESS.
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