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How do I know automatic B U is working

I back up to an external Hard drive. the back up set date does not change  how do I know back up is working I cannot find how to view the backed up files only how to restore them

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Re: How do I know automatic B U is working


Have you opened windows explorer and selected the backup location to view all of the backup files?

You can also do a single file restore from the latest backup to confirm that the feature is working as you expect.

The backup set date will not change until you change the parameters for your backups. The 'set' is theinstruction file for the program to use in making backups

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Re: How do I know automatic B U is working

Hi John Whipp,

     Sorry for the inconvenience caused. When the backup set date does not change it could be that the files are already backed up earlier or the External drive is opened for a long time where the refreash would have not happened. To check if the backup has happened you can also check the steps below:

  1. Norton->Security->History->In show choose (scroll down) Backup ->  you will be able to see the entire history of backup, double click the  recent run or previous, then another window pops up. If you maximize the window you could see  all the details and the files backedup with their respective location.      
  2. Norton->Backup->Restore Files->Choose the backupset which you had backedup the files/folder(This option is there only when you have multiple backupsets)->Click Search -> You can search for the file name or the file format eg ".txt"

Thank you,


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