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HOW DO I "OPT-OUT" From Norton INCESANT ads and popups!

NORTON is SO ANNOYINNG with constant "PopUps" and ADS!  Apparently MANY others have complained about this same issue, but rather than FIX these problems and HONOR OUR MANY REQUESTS to 'Opt-Out',  NORTON offers NO WAY to turn NAGS OFF INSTEAD, NORTON INSISTS on slamming MOST Browsers with NORTON popup ADS and promotions in almost all Internet windows, especially in Password Windows and MANY other truly bothersome places!  Also, I can't go to my desktop without a random NORTON POP-UP or warning!!

If I select NO to a "Norton Feature", that should be IT!  I have NO NEED or desire to be reminded that "I SHOULD SCAN NOW" or any other "NORTON alert"!

I purchased a license for FIVE computers but used only THREE.  In fact NORTON was SO annoying on System 3, I totally REMOVED IT, and it was HUGE!   Sadly system 1 and 2 CONTINUE to receive MANY more NAGS to:  "turn this Feature ON" or DO "THIS NORTON TASK", "YOUR DATA IS AT RISK" and more!  I will NEVER buy NORTONS again.  The fact is NORTON NAGS me more than my wife ever does!

NORTON 360, Windows 10 X64 and Windows 7 X64


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Re: HOW DO I "OPT-OUT" From Norton INCESANT ads and popups!

Maybe it's time for a new wife...I mean new antivirus!   LOL

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Re: HOW DO I "OPT-OUT" From Norton INCESANT ads and popups!

Hello SOGLAD. Unfortunately the only way to rid yourself of the constant marketing notifications is remove the product. You can disable certain settings that will eliminate most but not all of the annoyances. As a rule I only use one browser on my machines and its set to the system default on each machine. They all synch across all my devices so that when I change a setting it is recognized by the next machine when I log in to it. I DO NOT use Edge Chromium as my browser of choice nor the Microsoft Bing search engine nor the Norton Safe Search engine. I use Google exclusively with OpenDNS settings. 

Bottom line is the marketing ads aren't going to go away anytime soon. If enough customers begin leaving the Norton products and it hits their bottom line something may change. If or when that takes place is anyones guess.


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Re: HOW DO I "OPT-OUT" From Norton INCESANT ads and popups!

They need to fix this fast.  I did a google search of "Norton 360 pop ups are annoying AF" to find these threads, and others.

I can only imagine the increasing sentiment to be done with them as they use tactics synonymous with phishing scams trying to fear and panic you into clicking into something that's possibly not in your best interest.  The pop up I saw said that my personal info was found 3x and I needed to subscribe to something to have it fixed.  #1, you better show me what information was found right then and there if you want me to consider what you're selling as proof that something was in fact found, and #2, I better agree with what was found as being problematic.

Next, "Don't Show Me This Again" isn't hard to read or comprehend, and yet clicking these buttons literally doesn't result in the desired behavior one would expect from clicking such a button.

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