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How do I rename a device on my Norton Subscriptions?

How do I rename a device on my Norton subscriptions?  I just downloaded my unused license to my daughter's laptop and the device name that now shows up under My Subscription - Manage License is completely unintuitive (DESKTOP-such and such).  I have another 3 devices on a different subscription, none of which have device names at all, just a dash.  I have 6 devices total, so it sure would be nice to be able to label them with accurate names, so I can keep track of which ones I can delete to free up a license as kids get new laptops, etc.


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Re: How do I rename a device on my Norton Subscriptions?

Hi Pamela Young 141:

See the Norton support article Rename Your Devices in your Norton Account.

Log in to your Norton Account at https://my.norton.com/devices/home/List, click the ellipse (…) at the bottom-right corner of the device you'd like to rename, and choose Rename Device from the menu.

If you have Settings | Administrative Settings | Remote Management enabled, the device name assigned in your Norton Account should match the device name shown in the Norton interface at Help | General Information | About once the computer has synced with your account.  If the device name in the Norton interface doesn't automatically update go to Help |  Account Information | Subscription Status to force a sync.

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