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This forum thread needs a solution.

how do I Restore a SystemWorks backup from 2011?

I created a backup of my computer's C drive back in 2011 using SystemWorks.  THis is now a defunct programme and I no longer have a copy of it.  I have been using 360 for years.

An old client has asked me to find an old image and I now discover that 360 cannot recover the old systemworks backups.

It is encrypted and I have been on with support for 2 hours and they have cut me loose and have said that I might be able to find a solution here.

I would greatly appreciate your help.




Re: how do I Restore a SystemWorks backup from 2011?

Is it a system image made with the DOS version of Ghost  (.Gho or .Ghs files)?


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Re: how do I Restore a SystemWorks backup from 2011?

If it's a .GHO image file, this tool will let you open it up and extract your data.


If you want to restore the complete image your going to need Ghost 2003 or Symantec Ghost Solution Suite.

If it is a .v2i image file made with the new version of Ghost or Norton Save and Restore, this image explorer will open it


To restore an entire .V2i image file you will need Norton Ghost 15 or Symantec System Recovery



Re: how do I Restore a SystemWorks backup from 2011?

Hi DaveH thanks for the speedy reply - I was expecting to be waiting weeks for a response.  The file types are *.fbf

It is a long time since this backup has been done and Norton have said that their records show that I was still using SysWrks when the backup file was made.  So there are a number of assumptions being made.

The file structure is:




      /fbffiles_9a2 (etc)



            /1cc9c064a59a00b.fbf (Etc.)

So there is no zip file, no *.GHO image file and there is no entire *.V2i image.  Just 1000's of *.fbf files...

Does that make any sense?

Can Norton Ghost 15 or Symantec System Recovery work with these types of files?



Re: how do I Restore a SystemWorks backup from 2011?

What you describe with the .fbf files certainly sounds like a file and folder backup made with Ghost or Norton Save and Restore.  But I don't recall SystemWorks having that option, I thought it just had the full imaging option as a backup.

I don't think Norton will be able to provide you with an older version and the only link I have is for Ghost 15 that is no longer being sold.  But the file and folder bakup format has never changed as ar as I know so I'm pretty sure you could install Ghost 15 as a trial and access your backups.

If you want to try it, download and install Ghost 15 from here:


Ater it is installed, clik the big button that says "Tasks" and then "Recover my Files"

On the left side click once to highlight "file and folder" then on the top menu bar click File > Import Backup Destination.  Then browse to the folder containing the backup.

It should then show all your files and hopefully you will be able to recover them.  You will need to recover all the files to some location before the 30 day trial expires.

Best of luck.


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