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How do I uninstall AVG on a MacAir.

I'm trying to install Norton on my wife's laptop. It won't do so until I remove the existing AVG (Free) antivirus.

  1. There is no uninstaller that I can find.
  2. If I try to Trash it, it won't because it says it's running.
  3. If I Force Quit, it immediately restarts, before I can Trash it.
  4. 6 processes start with "AVG..". I stopped these, but they just restart.
  5. AVG Support only shows how to re-install, (that I can see).

Note I'm also not familiar with Macs - I'm a Windows person. 


Accepted Solution
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Re: How do I uninstall AVG on a MacAir.

Hello @kingletit,

Thank you for choosing Norton product.

I will share you a tool to remove the Competitive AVG product. I will send you a PM and please follow the steps and let me know in case of any concerns.



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