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This forum thread needs a solution.

How does the parent signup work?


When I clicked to add a parent and sent to their email, they were told to sign on with that email.  They had an old Norton account from years back.   Once signed on it said they didn't have any protection or anything (but she has the Norton Security and Norton Secure VPN installed, but under my account).  When installing the Norton Family for Parents, it wouldn't allow her to sign on.  So I just signed on with the main account.

How is that process supposed to work?

Why couldn't I just click add a parent and create an account they can use to get in?



Re: How does the parent signup work?


Welcome to Norton Family forums!

Ask the invited parent to Accept the invitation by click on the "I Accept" link from email. Once after completion of invite acceptance, both parent can access the Norton Family (web portal / mobile app) without any sign on issue.

NOTE: To confirm the invite acceptance, check whether the new(invited) parent is listed under parents view.

Best regards,

Norton Family team.

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