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How to get a refund on a botched refund attempt?

I received a call from Norton, or a subsidiary company, concerning a renewal and refund.  I had accidentally purchased two security programs and only used one.  They wanted to refund my money for unused program.  When typing the amount of the refund onto a refund form, I accidently hit the "0" key twice.  Needless to say I was upset with the mistake.  The person named "Peter Walker" began badgering and bullying me for immediate repayment (I won't say the amount here, but it was a large amount).  He refused to take a personal check to remedy the problem.  He bullied me for immediate repayment by using gift cards.  Before I did, I checked my bank balance, and the mistake I made had been deposited.  This repayment took two days to perform.  During this time, the tech bullied me and threatened me with legal action if the mistaken amount wasn't paid immediately.  He kept telling me not to open my computer during all of this time.  On the first day, I did open my computer to check to see if the overpayment was being reduced.  The large overpayment had been removed from my account!  It only showed what my balance was after I had bought the cards.  Since the overpayment had been removed, and I realized that all the money I had sent to this person, was coming out of my own pocket.  This person knew all about my Norton account, so I thought this was a legitimate contact.  When I asked to have my money returned, I kept getting excuses was being stonewalled.

Today a manager said I still owed a sum of money.  I told him I had paid the amount I was told by the tech.  He became belligerent and made the accusation that I made the mistake to only steal money from them.  I found that comment rude and unprofessional.

I want the people at Norton to know this.  I am not a happy camper to say the least.  I will gladly tell anyone in charge this story again with specific  numbers  that I lost.  Send me an email or phone number to my email address.

I don't know if these people were from Norton, or a scam was being pulled on me.  I have phone numbers I can send to you to investigate.

I have begun legal action concerning this matter.


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Re: How to get a refund on a botched refund attempt?

This was definitely a scam. Norton never calls customers about subscription details. If you have not paid they just cut off your subscription. They would never ask for a customer to purchase gift cards.

If you have given these people any personal information, especially banking or credit card, you need to contact your bank and CC company to cancel the cards. 

You say you have started legal action. Did you inform your local police about the scam?

This person knew all about my Norton account, so I thought this was a legitimate contact.

Did they quote your Norton Account email, or your product key? If not, scammers can tell you enough information to let you think they are legit. And by asking you specific questions, they can guess at even more information. Or get you to divulge it.

Although I see nothing Norton can do in this case, I'll bring it to their attention.

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