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This forum thread needs a solution.

How to get a site re-scanned for Norton Safeweb?


I had a site that used to be a programs collection, and some files were marked as viruses by accident a few years ago. Nowadays I run a completely other site on the same domain, but the safeweb database apparently didn't update.

How would I got about removing this false alert? If possible i'd like to PM the URL of the site.




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Re: How to get a site re-scanned for Norton Safeweb?

Hello Laszlo Molnarfi 1

Please register the site with Safe Web


After it's registered, I will need the HTML file which you will receive by email from Safe Web. It will also include a Meta Tag. I need the name of site and HTML file in order to get your site ownership verified.

After it gets verified, then it will get evaluated.

Do you still have the first site online? Is it still marked as malicious?

Is this 2nd site online? If the 2nd site has a different name, then it won't be connected with the first one except in your Safe Web report.

The Safe Web Team comes to the Forum and checks out the necessary information which is the name of the sites and the html files. If you post the malicious site, please make it so it isn't clickable.


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Re: How to get a site re-scanned for Norton Safeweb?


Thanks, I've successfully submitted my site for re-evaluation.

I will get back to you whether it was successful or not!


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