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How to install another licence on another device

Hi there. I currently have Norton 360 installed on my desktop computer. I have paid for 3 licenses, but am currently only using 1 of 3. I have a Samsung Tablet that I wish to install my Norton on. To extend my Norton protection, it's sent a download link to my Tablet. I've clicked Install Now to install Norton 360 but all it has done is made me download (and install) the Norton Password Manager and when I open it it's just a vault; I assume for putting in passwords etc. What I want is to be able to do a scan and updates on my tablet so it can be protected (antivirus). Is there a step I'm overlooking? When I look on my desktop computer it still says Licenses Used: 1 of 3. What am I doing wrong? I'm a bit of a beginner when it comes to computers etc but know a little.

Any help you can give would be appreciated.



Re: How to install another licence on another device

Have you had your 360 product for more than 6 months? If so, you are using an older product that did not support installation on multiple device types. Only on PCs. What you will need to do is upgrade your 360 to one of the newer Norton Security products. If you are using the backup feature of your 360, you will need the Norton Security Premium version, as that is the only one with backup.

You can do this by contacting Norton Support and get some help with upgrading your product.    www.norton.com/contactcs  

NOTE.   As long as you have been keeping your older 360 product up to date, it is functionally identical to the newer Norton Security products. Only the name displayed in the product is changed, and the number of devices you can protect.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
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Re: How to install another licence on another device


I just wanted to add this. Not only the number of devices change with Norton Security, but also the type of devices. With Norton Security Premium, you can install it on computers, tablets, Macs, IOS cellphones and Android phones. If it's a new tablet, please make sure that any free trial of a security program is removed using the removal tool from the other security program. If Norton Support is going to install the product for you, then they should check to see if you do have any other security program is installed.

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