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How to install nortons renewal purchased from a store

I purchased a renewal for Nortons security from a store. I cannot download my renewal even after submitting the product key. Anyone have any suggestions



Re: How to install nortons renewal purchased from a store

Download your Norton product purchased from a retail store
View detailed steps
To install Norton that you purchased from a retail store or a third-party affiliated website, create a Norton account or add the purchased product to your existing account.

If you already have a Norton subscription, you can install it on your device by signing in to your account. For more details, read Download and install Norton device security.

Add the purchased product to your account and install Norton
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Learn how to use Norton product key
For instructions on how to use your Norton product key, select one of the following depending on your situation:
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Activate or renew your Norton subscription
A valid subscription ensures that your security is always up to date. You must activate or renew your subscription before the trial or subscription period ends to continue to use all of the Norton features and keep your computer protected.

Your computer must be connected to the Internet to complete the activation or renewal process.

Choose one of the following ways to activate or renew your subscription:

  • Renew your Norton protection
  • Activate your Norton protection with a product key
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Norton 360 purchased from a retailer. 
Enter the product key by opening Norton and clicking on Help > Enter Product Key. 
Note: new license key starts new subscription term. 
Enter new key one day before current term expire or you lose all remaining days.