How to launch in Classic View

I have posted before but I cannot find it. I know there has not been a solution that has fixed my issue. 

When Norton updated earlier this month I no long have the classic view. I need the classic view in order to do a back up, and more importantly, run a scan. I followed all suggestions but I always end up with a screen that does not give me any options to choose. If I click on settings nothing happens, in fact the window freezes. 

I am at the point now when I would rather uninstall that last update. Can this be done? This is frustrating beyond words. Is there any "live" person at Norton that can help me? The chat function is of no help, in fact, it sucks. 

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Accepted Solution

Re: How to launch in Classic View

From the new My Norton interface, click on Open beside Device Security to open the classic interface. Then from the classic interface, click on Settings and you will see the option to change the Launch View at the bottom of that window.

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