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How long will OnlineFamily keep records of IM?

For one of my kids, the system shows IM records only from April 18th on, even thou there was plenty of activity before that date. How long will the system keep the records?.

Maybe I somehow erased the records by mistake? Is there anyway to do that?

There are no problems with records before that date for the other kid.

Second question. Will the system keep track of Skype IM?

Thank you




Re: How long will OnlineFamily keep records of IM?

Hi fmontero,

Thanks for the post.   For the IM records issue, I just sent you a PM.  You could access this message by clicking on the  icon in the upper right hand corner of the page.

You couldn't erase the IM records by mistake.  The program currently doesn't give users the ability to delete records.

Supporting Skype IM is on our enhancement list.



Thanks Katie

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