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This forum thread needs a solution.

How to move the "Where" to a new drive and remove the old backup files?

...without taking a decade?

300GB 60k files moving from C: to my newly purchased U:.

I change the location under "Where" and run the backup. U: now spends 1.6TB storing the 300GB. Is there a reason for this?

I want to free up the space it used in C:. The only option I find that comes with the app is "Delete files from Backup Set". It goes at a rate of 200 files per hour. Since I have 60k files, that is 300 hours pending.

Commo I am deleting 300GB files in my local harddisk. How can I cut the time down to 15 minutes?

And do not tell me to make changes to registry. There must be an easy-to-use button that do this in a few clicks, which I missed. I mean, this is such a common process I am sure I have just overlooked the button.

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Re: How to move the "Where" to a new drive and remove the old backup files?

Since no one answered my question after so many days, I finally load up Norton Support. It was busy. I was on the queue for 30 minutes before it was my turn.

I asked "Can I delete the folder N360_BACKUP without killing my Norton 360 Premier?"

The guy answered, "Yes."

So I went to C:, and deleted the folder.

I went back to Norton 360 Backup and loaded "Delete files in backup set" in my C:. It loaded indicating all my old files still there. I tried to delete a single file, it ran for 5 seconds, showed an error, then refreshed telling me that there were no files there anymore. Everything else seems fine. I can load up files in my new backup drive.

So, Problem solved. It took 60 seconds to delete the 300GB. Happy ending.

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