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How much storage can you buy and how much does it cost?

I found the subject information impossible to locate on the Norton web site, so I requested it via the help chat line.  Here is what I received:

Pradeep Kumar: Here are the complete list of Norton Online Backup.

Pradeep Kumar:

1. 5 GB Online Storage costs $29.99
2. 25 GB Online Storage costs $49.99
3. 50 GB Online Storage costs $59.99
4. 100 GB Online Storage costs $69.99

Pradeep Kumar: However, these additional storage space will be available after you activate the Norton Online Backup with 25 GB storage. [ I believe this means that this additional space is above and beyond the first 25GB you purchase.]

Me: OK, I may need 200-350 GB. Is that possible or would there be a max?

Pradeep Kumar: I suggest you to purchase the 25 GB Norton Online Backup program. Then, activate the product. Later, you can purchase 100 GB space twice along with another 25 GB.

[So that would be about $225/yr!]



Re: How much storage can you buy and how much does it cost?


Is there a specific support query, beyond locating pricing, that you need help with? The key intention of this forum is to assist with any issues that customers are experiencing. Based on your current message I'm not seeing an issue outside of disagreeing with the pricing.

Also if you're intending on backing up 200-350 GB of space using an online storage service is not really an ideal scenario for you. The cost of the storage is only one small factor. There is also the cost of bandwidth considering many major ISPs are no longer offering unlimited connection speeds. There is also the time it will take to transfer that much data. You're realistically looking at probably a couple of weeks minimum.

As for some details... pricing for all products can be found in the Norton Online Store. The page in question can be directly accessed here. There are also still some bundled deals going on for the holidays accessed here but those are only around for a little while longer. Keep in mind any space you purchase is stackable and can be shared with the online component of Norton 360. Norton Online Backup also allows you to backup up to 5 separate Windows or Mac computers.


Re: How much storage can you buy and how much does it cost?

This was more informational for other users, not an issue. I'm not complaining about the pricing, although it does get high for larger volumes of data. It would be helpful if Norton could make this information available on its web site so others can find it more easily. I did try pretty hard to find it on your site before setting up a chat line. Thanks.


Re: How much storage can you buy and how much does it cost?

I'll be at a summit next week to discuss some NOBU support related items. I'll make mention of this but as I mentioned the pricing is always readily available in the e-store too. If you have any other product input please send me a private message and I'll see what else I can bring up.

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