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How Norton resolve a risk?

I wonder how Norton resolve a risk from my PC? Just Quarantine and delete the file ?

If the virus infect the system file, Norton will delete it? And make system become unbootable?

It is just a question because i saw many AV with "Auto-recovery file" and Disinfect virus, not Quarantine and delete file.

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Re: How Norton resolve a risk?

Security threats/risks are not only virus that infects the files, but are of different types like spyware, spam, Adware, Tracking cookies Etc.

Norton deals these threats in different ways, based on the type of the threat.

The files that can potentially infect your system when your computer first starts up are scanned first. These files include,

1. Files that are associated with the process that are currently running in memory

2. Files with startup folder entries

3. Files with system start INI file entries

4. Files with system start batch file entries

5. Files that the system start registry keys refers

If an infected file is detected during this scan, it is first tried to be repaired and if the threat is more dangerous only then it is quarantined/removed. Before attempting to repair/quarantine/remove any infected files that has a process running in memory, Norton attempts to terminate the process. The user is alerted and prompted to close all unnecessary programs before the process is terminated. Thus there are very minimal chance for a system to become unbootable because of threat removal.

Incase if you wish to know about the threats in your system, you can view information about detected viruses and other security threats in Security History.

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