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This forum thread needs a solution.

how to permanently get rid of Heur.AdvMLB?


Could someone tell me how to permanently get rid of "Heur.AdvMLB?"

Thank you,


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Re: how to permanently get rid of Heur.AdvMLB?


I would recommend that you bring your computer to one of the free malware removal sites that will work with you to remove this malware. Please stay with them until your computer is clean. Please don't try any quick fixes.

Please see this link for an up to date description of these sites plus the addition of a newly listed site formed by one of our successful malware remover users who unfortunately has passed away. That site is still being run by a good expert who happens to be one of the other Gurus.  The new site is listed first in this link.




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Re: how to permanently get rid of Heur.AdvMLB?

@Boston Matt:

Heur.AdvML.B is a new technology to detects malicious file.

For tech info, you may read this page

YET, chances are that you just met a false positive. To reuse that flagged/removed stuff, plz send that item to Symantec here.

Now you:

  • were you trying to install/run some 3rd-party application/download? If so, please tell us the exact name of that item here, and the source or download location here.
  • are you using the latest of Norton software? If not, run LiveUpdate to get the newest of Norton product.

 Contact Norton Virus Protection Promise in no time, if you're still concerned about the said Heur.AdvML.B, or you just can't fix it and/or any other potentially hidden threats yourself.

And, please post back if this or any other comment solves your problem. 

Moreover, a summarized or easy-to-understand thread title is kindly recommended.


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