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How to re-install family controls when laptop is at college

Son is away at college. Geeks wiped his laptop clean. Son wants Norton Family Controls re-installed to help him with time mgt. He has Windows 10.    Is there any other way to re-install other than tell him my password (then change PW)? Thanks!



Re: How to re-install family controls when laptop is at college

Hi PCrow,

Please send a download link in email to your son through which he can install and setup Norton Family without needing parent credentials.

Steps to send download link via Email (as a parent):
1. Log in to Norton Family Portal via https://family.norton.com/web/
2. Select your child
3. Click "Add Device" -> Click "Add New Device"
4. Select "Send an email link to your child's device to download the Norton Family app"
5. Click Next
6. Enter your Child's email address and submit.

Steps that your son has to perform to setup Norton Family in his device:
1. Open the email sent and click on "Setup Now" link to download the installer.
2. Run the installer (NF_Installer.exe) and complete the setup by associating to his Windows user account.


Manoj Kumar

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