How to remove a Utilities Ultimate License?

MyNorton licence list shows two licenses for Norton Utilities Ultimate:
one active license for Norton 360 Premium plus Utilities Ultimate, active until 16/4/2023
one expired license for Utilities Ultimate alone, expired on 9/2/2022.

My computer is now correctly protected by the new Norton 360 Premium license, but whenever I activate Utilities Ultimate it tells me that the license already expired in February - so it still uses the old one, and not the one which is active.
Trying to completely remove the expired license from the list is not possible; I de-installed Utilities and downloaded/installed it newly - no change, it always seems to use only the expired one.

What can I do?

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Re: How to remove a Utilities Ultimate License?

Looking at the information in your image, you just renewed your 360 subscription. Correct?

Norton is no longer offering the free Norton Utilities with a 360 subscription with Automatic Renewal enabled. You were able to continue using the Norton Utilities until one of 2 things happen.

  1. You turn off automatic renewal for your 360 subscription
  2. Your initial 360 subscription that gave you the free Norton Utilities expires. Even if you have auto renewal enabled and your subscription does get renewed, the free Norton Utilities will no longer work.

So it appears that number 2 is the situation you are seeing.

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