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This forum thread needs a solution.

How to restore files to another computer

New User here. I have two identical Dell Inspiration computers both with Norton via Comcast. I am having problems with slowness on Computer #1 so would like to see if #2 will work better. #2 was used little by my wife and has fewer files and apps than #1. Both run Windows 10. The data on #2 is expendable and is backed up. 

I would like the end result to be #2 has the same files and apps as #1 does now.

Should I delete most files on #2 before a restore? 

Is a restore to a different computer even feasible?

Thanks for and assistance.  Tom from Sacramento

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Re: How to restore files to another computer

Hello T Parks

Welcome to the Norton Community Forum

Are you both customers of the new Norton Online Security? Have you disabled Fast Startup from the Power Supply in the Power Supply settings? Sometimes not keeping up with maintenance features can cause one computer to run more slowly than the other one.. From the slower computer, I would try emptying temp files and cleaning it up. It may even be a little more dustier on the inside compared to the first computer.

I would attempt a physical cleaning up of the slower computer before attempting anything as drastic as a restore of a computer. You can run a free on demand scan on the slower computer. This 2nd scan would check the files on the computer to see if it some how picked up a PUP which might have slowed down the computer. The Free version of Malwarebytes  would do just that. It concentrates on different things than does Norton Online Security. Try that out first. It's best to download the program from the Malwarebytes website. Just make sure you get the free version. That version will work fine along side with Norton.

Please let us know how you made out.

Have a Good Night and


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Re: How to restore files to another computer

@T Parks

Here are a few links you may find helpful in attempting to restore to a different PC.   

Disable Fast Startup

Norton Backup Drive

View files on Norton Backup Drive


I suggest you start with the recommendations to clean up your slow system and also run Malware Bytes as @floplot suggested.   

Please let us know if you have any additional specific questions.

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