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How to scan another hard drive in host pc


I have a second hard drive in the same pc. How can I change setting to scan this drive? After done I obviously want change setting back to C drive.  

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Re: How to scan another hard drive in host pc


When you have a full system scan, it scans the whole computer. By default, it scans once a month. I changed mine to once a week.

Settings>Antivirus>Scans and Risks>Computer Scans>Full System Scans> Configure on the right side. Click on Configure and then you can set up your scan.


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Re: How to scan another hard drive in host pc

Hi GeoChin,

You can also set up a Custom Scan to scan only that drive in lieu of scanning the entire system.

Select the Security Square on the dashboard (main page of Norton product) > Scans > Custom Scan > Go > Create Scan > Select Scan Items (+Add Drives) > Set Schedule > Scan Options > Save.

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