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How to stop nagging pop-up?

I suspect that either somebody in Q/A doesn't know what "Don't ask me again" means, or the designers only put it there for a joke. This pop-up "reminds" me to enable Chrome Security every couple of weeks and I can't make it stop.

I don't want Norton to insinuate itself into my browsing (Google by itself is already too invasive and manipulative), and I don't want to give up any more screen space to useless menu bars. If I still have this issue when my subscription comes up for renewal I will go to a different vendor.

Can I shut the %$@#ing thing up with a registry setting, or will the Norton app just change it back again next time my PC restarts? 



Re: How to stop nagging pop-up?

"Buy Norton 360" is just as bad.  I used to trust Norton, now it's just a name Symantec is marketing.