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How to stop Norton's notification spamming

How do I get Norton to stop spamming me with notifications?



Re: How to stop Norton's notification spamming

For Norton technical issues please include details for faster assistance from our forum Gurus and contributors:

  • Norton product name and version
  • Operating system - version / build 
  • Norton error message / error code / screen shot
  • Steps to reproduce issue

Note: DO NOT POST any personal information(email/order details/account ID/Product key/Full name/ address..etc) in public forums posts/comments or share with other forum customers. 

View or change Norton device security Administrative Settings

Norton device security Administrative Settings have defaults that maximize protection and performance for most users. In rare circumstances, you may want to customize settings for certain features and automated tasks.

  • Special Offer Notification: When On, Norton will let you know about promotions, discounts, or special deals.

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