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How turn off Ping response

Can someone advise me where the control is to turn on or off whether a local computer responds to a ping over the internet (ICMP echo?).




Re: How turn off Ping response

Check out Norton Firewall Traffic Rules for ICMP rules.
Note x box'd grey and box'd in blue and not x'd box's.
I think by default pings are stealth. 

and check your router documentation
FWIW ~ my router firewall at maximum. 


Re: How turn off Ping response

A hardware firewall (router) is what makes you stealth on the Internet. It should handle pings from any source.

If you go here https://www.grc.com/ click on services and select "shields up" it'll scan to see what ports are open.
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit / Norton Security v.22.17.x

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