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Some 3rd Party installed Norton on my PC, giving me a free trial of their antivirus(?) product. Sorry, I can't tell you which one, as Norton doesn't provide the details in the "about" product that match anything you see on the website. There were popups every day, and it was an overall nuisance product (plus I'm not interested in doing business with companies who don't offer REAL customer service via phone, remote support, etc.), so I tried uninstalling the product, but was unable to (as usual, the antivirus product behaves like a virus). I wished I could attach a screenshot to give you an idea of what I experienced when trying to uninstall using windows, but essentially they have a popup window that only shows you half the text and you're unable to select the type of uninstallation you want to do, so you're unable to proceed forward.  

I tried getting support, and of course that's nearly impossible. I downloaded one of their recommended products they claimed uninstalled their software (NPE.exe) but all that does is install another mystery norton product on your PC. I couldn't find it, even immediately after the install, but it autoran, said no (whatever) was found, and I'll probably be back one day asking for help to remove it as well. 

I kept searching over and over for uninstall, and stumbled upon this: 


Which has you install NrNr.exe. This seemed to work to uninstall Norton Lifelock when I couldn't install it using windows. 
WARNING: GO SLOWLY!!! Be sure to expand to "advanced" or whatever additional info is hidden. You need to look for REMOVE ONLY. Once you're able to find that, check that, and continue, it appears it will uninstall the antivirus product (that acts like a virus). 


Norton requests: "For Norton technical issues please include details for faster assistance from our forum Gurus and contributors:"

  • This is a public community. Please DO NOT post any Personally Identifiable Information(PII) such as your email address, product key or phone number: CHECK!
  • Norton product or service name and version: Can't provide, I was blocked from taking a screenshot and the "about" doesn't provide the name of the product.
  • Operating system: Windows 11 OS
  • Norton error message / error code / screen shot : Product fails to provide view of the full screen with no ability to increase window size nor navigate around the uninstall window, so you CAN'T UNINSTALL.
  • Steps to reproduce issue: See above. NRnR.exe ultimately seemed to resolve the issue when done slowly and watching for the "remove only" option. 

If this helped you, you're welcome. Please pay it forward and do something kind. There's a whole lotta stress in this meat grinder. Please do something nice for someone!



Re: How to Uninstall

If you were having issues with uninstalling Norton using the Windows process, and you say you cannot see all of the information that should be in the displayed window, it sounds like you may have your display magnification set higher than 100%. Other users have reported this kind of issue with Norton windows. Unfortunately, they have not made any changes to allow resizing all the windows used in the Norton product.

Glad you found the NRNR tool and the information to use the Advanced Options > Remove Only.

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