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HP Printer Blocking Issue

I installed Norton Family (Version on our main computer last night - an HP TouchSmart 520, running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1. The computer has one account and we primarily use the Chrome browswer. Opened my email the next morning after I installed Norton Family late the prior night, and I had over 100 emails letting me know my childe had tried to visit "HPD5E6CA - Uncategorized" which was blocked. I logged into the main computer and went to Norton Family and saw all of the logs saying "Child warned for site category block & did not proceed:  http://hpd5e6ca:8080/WalkupScan/WalkupScanDestinations.  It then began popping up messages every few minutes saying that my daugher was tyring to visit the HPD5E6CA site and was blocked.  I found two threads in the forum where people were having the same issue (as far back as 2008), but I don't see any resolutions. It looks like the computer is trying to connect with the wireless printer but is somehow being blocked by Norton Family. I added "HPD5E6CA" to the "Allowed" list in her Settings but that didn't resolve it. I then tried to add the entire url but it says it is invalid. I then went into the Activity log, expanded the log event and clicked "Allow your child to view all content on this website" and clicked "Save". Didn't work either!   I've temporarily removed this computer as a device for our daughter so it stops the error, but I need this resolved. PLEASE HELP!



Re: HP Printer Blocking Issue

Thanks Katie

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