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Huband computer been hacked can't accesses internet

My husband computer has been hacked. Someone called him saying his computer was runing errors and warnings. They claimed they were with micro soft and would fix it for $250. They said they could fix it by removing vista and putting windows 7 ultimate. He let the person into his computer and they worked on it for hours. This happened 8-27

The next day he went to check to see if they were with Micro soft and they never had any record of this action.

He put a stop to the payment.

Nortons ran a scann 8-28

On 9-3 after midnight someone changed things on his computer

Diagnostics policy service is not running. is what  his computer is saying and preventing him to connect with internet.

Is there such a policy through window.

Also we can not get onto internet.

These so called people have not called to find out why they didn't get a payment or why we are not happy with them.

Never gave a call back number nor support Number.  help

He want to know if you heard of Clever PC TuneUp Maestro



Re: Huband computer been hacked can't accesses internet

Hi brightdawn,

As I think you probably now know, Microsoft does not cold call users to advise them about computer trouble.  What you have described is a known scam.  Unfortunately, the scammers in your case have not only gotten access to your computer, but have also acquired your credit card number (if you paid by credit card).  So you now have some work to do to make sure that your computer is secure and to make sure that the scammers cannot use your financial information for fraudulent transactions.  Regrettably, the scammers succeeded in their deception, and now you are left to clean up the PC, change your passwords and notify financial institutions about possible fraud.  I hope the following article will be of some help to you:



Re: Huband computer been hacked can't accesses internet


<<  Nortons ran a scann 8-28

On 9-3 after midnight someone changed things on his computer >>

What a mess! I'd suggest you do not try to use your husband's computer with an internet connection in case they planted anything at least until you get a chance to find out what's wrong and maybe fix it.

What did the scan show up? What version of what Norton product is on that PC?

When he got it did he make the Recovery Disks that certain manufacturers install a utility to do and from which you can Restore to Factory COndition?  If not and you can tell me the make and exact model number of the PC I may be able to track down what you can do on this.

Does the VISTA seem to work OK or did they mess it up?

If you can give us some more background then we may be able to point you in the right direction which may include Do Nothing until  the extraordinary malware cleaners up here -- Quads -- can take you through what do do if you are infected with bad malware.


Re: Huband computer been hacked can't accesses internet

Hi  they called again..........Ah we had to take it to shop to get new drivers............They said they are not with Micro soft but are windows Tech support they are on line and are called UDTech support. Thank you for the offer.

First off they called him first.

They said that he had errors and they could help him.

Also before he even gave them the OK to go into his computer they were moving his cursor around.

They then went into his computer and put on window 7 Ultra.

They are now with Micro soft.

They did not get a payment.
My husband debit card wouldn't work something with the e-mail address.

Well anyways He went to use the computer after they did this and was getting blocked every step of the way.

He finally just couldn't get on the internet , he could do the basics, but his drivers were go or something

He went got new drivers and had basic windows 7 put in at a reliable computer shop.

But they never said they were UD tech support they said they were Window tech support..........there is a difference. They were playing with words.............!! My husband thought they were with micro soft..............because they said they were Window tech support.

they are on the web Ud tech support ...........


Re: Huband computer been hacked can't accesses internet

So is his computer now working OK? You mention taking it to a shop ....

Kudos1 Stats

Re: Huband computer been hacked can't accesses internet

It does not matter that they may have a website.  No legitimate company will ever cold call you to tell you that your machine is showing errors.  It is a scam, and when they gain access to your PC, they will either install malware or try to frighten you into purchasing their expensive service by changing settings so that your computer will no longer work correctly without their "help."  The following video made by a principal software engineer at Sourcefire when scammers phoned him shows how the scammers operate:



Re: Huband computer been hacked can't accesses internet

It wasn't the drivers I stand corrected . It was his operating system, Yes it is working but we had to go a reliable shop to have it fixed.

Also they didn't call us back until after I posted here that they hadn't called to see if we were happy with their work.

But now my Dell  note book is not working. My fault it didn't have protection yet. My dell says operating system is not found.

 I am just afraid that they are attacking this house. I guess I sound paranoid and weird.

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