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Husbands account

added my husband to family account.  He got email to create a password.  he did.  Then he got an alert email saying to sign in to see alert.  the system is not allowing him to sign in.  Even though he knows his password and email.  Has tried multiple times, checking and double checking.  What gives?  Why are you making it so hard for a basically computer illiterate person to follow?  He did what you asked and now he cannot sign in to his account?  It will be amazing if he remembers his password in the future let alone today!!



Re: Husbands account

What comes to mind is that secure sites may need to load all page content. 
Maybe, turn off, as test, browser extensions - browser features that may block page, scripts, tracking, etc.

Maybe, try different browser. 

"adding to family account"? meaning adding husband to Norton 360 with LifeLock Plan membership? 

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