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I am so pissed at Norton that I'm tempted to walk after 25-30 years!

I'm a bit of a dinosaur. Although I use better and snazzier computers for some things, I much prefer using my 11 year old warhorses for some other things. Of course I always have Norton on alert for me -- within limits. But when Norton 'live updates' my software with a _bug_ / _minefield / call it what you will, this dinosaur, a Norton  loyalist for decades, gets sorely tempted to try something else. Frying pan into the fire? Maybe, but tempted I am. Just what did Norton do? Well, I'll tell you. I use an older version of an email client -- the young sprats in the crowd may be saying 'huh? whazzat' -- because it does some things for me better than the newer product. IMHO natcherly. And the old email client is great for harvesting a bunch of email from a pop3 server which is ever so much better / efficient than the web interfaces that are all the rage. Not much mousing around with that kind of program -- press a key and something happens! True, you do have to have your wits about you and make sure that you don't open unknown attachments even when you've supposedly got all sorts of auto-protection from Norton. I learned one sad fact about Norton a few years ago though: it somehow slowed my incoming email to a crawl if spam detection was enabled,. (It might also have had something to do with my running my old warhorses on XP, I suppose.) I turned spam detection off. I have other defenses, including my wits. So when both old warhorses suddenly, two days ago, could log in to the same pop3 server but could not retrieve any email _at_ all_  I didn't even think of Norton being the problem But it was!!! I got the wind up only when I tried a different company's pop3 server with the identical result of NO EMAIL RETRIEVED.  My setting of no spam detection had magically been turned back ON on both machines by some Norton update from, I think, the 15th. Symantec, learn this and learn it well: I'm your customer! I pay money for your software! YOU shouldn't interfere with ME under any circumstances! Send YOUR software people who do mess around with MY software to some programming hell. And you are now on probation with me!! <VENTING MODE OFF>