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I am unable to download

Last night I was trying to download the stuff for online family minder. It first told me that It detected other Norton software that needed to be uninstalled first. After doing so, I tried again it allowed me to set up and enter my childs info than password than I got a pop up that stated I was running an " Internet Explorer or Firefox? that needed to be closed first" Than it logged me off, when I returned again it said I did not completed and tried to re download only for it to tell me that it was uninstalling. Please help as now I do not have any firewall on my system.



Re: I am unable to download

Hi Jennifer,

I want to be sure I understand your issue clearly.

You mentioned that when setting up OnlineFamily.Norton you were prompted to remove other Norton software first.

Do you know which Norton Product and version (year) was uninstalled?


"Anyone who isn't confused really doesn't understand the situation."   Edward R. Murrow

Re: I am unable to download

H Jaylennt1,

Please check the link below for the same issue that you posted in another thread.




Thanks Katie

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